Information Security Policies





Section 1001

Contractual Documentation



Preparing Terms and Conditions of Employment

Employing / Contracting New Staff

Contracting with External Suppliers / other Service Providers

Using Non Disclosure Agreements (Staff and Third Party)

Misuse of Organization Stationery

Lending Keys to Secure Areas to Others

Lending Money to Work Colleagues

Complying with Information Security Policy

Establishing Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights

Employees' Responsibility to Protect Confidentiality of Data



Section 1002

Confidential Personnel Data



Respecting Privacy in the Workplace

Handling Confidential Employee Information

Giving References on Staff

Checking Staff Security Clearance

Sharing Employee Information with Other Employees

Sharing Personal Salary Information



Section 1003

Personnel Information Security Responsibilities



Using the Internet in an Acceptable Way

Keeping Passwords / PIN Numbers Confidential

Sharing Organization Information with Other Employees

Using E-Mail and Postal Mail Facilities for Personal Reasons

Using Telephone Systems for Personal Reasons

Using the Organization’s Mobile Phones for Personal Use

Using Organization Credit Cards

Signing for the Delivery of Goods

Signing for Work done by Third Parties

Ordering Goods and Services

Verifying Financial Claims and Invoices

Approving and Authorization of Expenditure

Responding to Telephone Enquiries

Sharing Confidential Information with Family Members

Gossiping and Disclosing Information

Spreading Information through the Office ‘Grape Vine’

Playing Games on Office Computers

Using Office Computers for Personal Use



Section 1004

HR Management



Dealing with Disaffected Staff

Taking Official Notes of Employee Meetings



Section 1005

Staff Leaving Employment



Handling Staff Resignations

Completing Procedures for Terminating Staff or Contractors

Obligations of Staff Transferring to Competitors



Section 1006

HR Issues Other



Recommending Professional Advisors









Further Information
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