Information Security Policies





Section 0501

Purchasing and Installing Hardware



Specifying Information Security Requirements for New Hardware

Specifying Detailed Functional Needs for New Hardware

Installing New Hardware

Testing Systems and Equipment



Section 0502

Cabling, UPS, Printers and Modems



Supplying Continuous Power to Critical Equipment

Managing and Maintaining Backup Power Generators

Using Fax Machines / Fax Modems

Using Modems / ISDN / DSL connections

Using Centralized, Networked or Stand-Alone Printers

Installing and Maintaining Network Cabling



Section 0503




Controlling IT Consumables

Using Removable Storage Media including Diskettes and CDs



Section 0504

Working Off Premises or Using Outsourced Processing



Contracting or Using Outsourced Processing

Issuing Laptop / Portable Computers to Personnel

Using Laptop/Portable Computers

Working from Home or Other Off-Site Location (Tele-working)

Moving Hardware from One Location to Another

Using Mobile Phones

Using Business Centre Facilities

Day to Day Use of Laptop / Portable Computers



Section 0505

Using Secure Storage



Using Lockable Storage Cupboards

Using Lockable Filing Cabinets

Using Fire Protected Storage Cabinets

Using a Safe



Section 0506

Documenting Hardware



Managing and Using Hardware Documentation

Maintaining a Hardware Inventory or Register



Section 0507

Other Hardware Issues



Disposing of Obsolete Equipment

Recording and Reporting Hardware Faults

Insuring Hardware

Insuring Laptops / Portables for use Domestically or Abroad

Clear Screen Policy

Logon and Logoff from your Computer

Dealing with Answering Machines / Voice Mail

Taking Equipment off the Premises

Maintaining Hardware (On-site or Off-site Support)

Using Speed Dialing Telephone Options

Cleaning of Keyboards and Screens

Damage to Equipment





Further Information
Information security and ISO 17799 papers can be submitted via our contact page.